Eve Williams’ Story

Eve was born 12 weeks early on 23rd October 2004. She was released from hospital 10 weeks later and seemed to develop normally for the first 9 months. Shortly afterwards she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy mainly affecting her left arm. Over the years the diagnosis has changed and she is now “Triplegic”, both legs and her left arm are affected.

We first heard about PhysCap when Eve was 3, we really needed a trike so Eve could experience riding a bike, something everyone takes for granted. PhysCap kindly provided £1200 for a new trike which has given Eve lots of freedom and helped her build leg strength over the years.

In November 2011 Eve was accepted for pioneering surgery in the US. We had to raise £100,000 for the operation and 5 years of ongoing treatment afterwards. PhysCap allowed us to use their annual Boot Camp event to raise money for the Trust Fund. Over 120 people turned up to the event and collectively raised over £25,000. That will provide 2 and a half years ongoing treatment and therapy for Eve which is essential in ensuring she reaches her potential.

This year has seen Eve move from being in a wheelchair 80% of the time and lacking in confidence and belief to a happy and excited 8 year old who now uses a Kaye Walker 95% of the time and has levels of independence we could only dream of a year ago. Much of this change is down to PhysCap.