Jake’s Story

Jake has Joubert Syndrome which affects his balance & co -ordination, he particularly has very limited hand function and is unable to to do anything functional or fun with them unless he uses a big mac switch. We were introduced to environmental controls which opened our eyes to a whole new world of possibilities, an environmental control is used to control objects via an infra-red signal such as a TV remote control and household equipment. Jake’s main passions in life are eating/cooking food and watching his DVD’s, we could now see a way to let him have some control over his life and at the same time give him the opportunity to join in the activities he enjoyed if we could introduce him to an environmental control combined with a big mac switch.
I had been given a leaflet for PhysCap via the school Jake attended and decided to get in touch to see if they could help in any way, we were delighted when PhysCap confirmed that they would be happy to help us out with the purchase of two items of environmental controls, a BigJack and an Infra-Red Power Socket.
The BigJack enabled us to programme in his favourite DVD functions so he can now rewind, fast- forward and play as he wishes with no adult help, the Power Socket enables household equipment to be accessed via the BigJack and turned on. We often use a fan and kitchen equipment such as blenders and mixers so that he can join in cooking activities. Jake is also able to take the controls and use them to join in activities with friends at various events.
We cannot thank PhysCap enough for their donation, it has been amazing to see my son develop his skills with a switch and to watch him take great delight at being able to join in and actively participate in activities alongside friends and family, before hand these were very limited and are important to Jakes quality and happiness in life, without the help from PhysCap we would have struggled to reach these life enhancing achievements!
Many Thanks to everyone who made it possible.