Lara’s Story

Lara has had a very tough start to life she was born 7 weeks premature with multiple health problems weighing just 3lbs. Her lungs were very weak and had to be ventilated, doctors said the outlook was very poor. After 15 days on the ventilator Lara was strong enough to take her first breath unaided and she’s been fighting back ever since. We were able to bring her home 7 weeks later.

Over the coming years and with Lara’s complex medical conditions she was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and at the age of 2 we were told it was unlikely that Lara would ever be able to walk unaided.
After a year and a half of intense physio, hydro, hippotherapy Lara made her first steps with the aid of a K- walker. Lara has since had cardiac, hearing and hip surgery.

We heard about PhysCap while we were looking to raise funds for a trike, after contacting them for help Emma and Daniel came to visit us and meet Lara. Amazingly a short time after PhysCap called us to say they would be able to provide the funds for the trike.

Since receiving her trike Lara’s muscles and core strength has greatly improved so much so she no longer uses her K-walker. It has also had a great impact on Lara’s confidence and has given her more independence. She does not want to be treated differently to her peers; she just wants to join in with her friends and looks at life with a positive attitude and a permanent smile on her face that is infectious to anyone who meets her.

Thank you PhysCap for making this possible x