Thomas’ Story

Thomas is 6 years old and the middle of 3 brothers. He has Down’s Syndrome, learning difficulties and moderate hearing loss. Thomas attends our local mainstream primary school and he is thriving there. He is a very happy little boy but he also has very fixed ideas about routine and he has no awareness of danger, which makes life very difficult sometimes. Until PhysCap stepped in to help us, travelling with Thomas in the car was a very difficult experience. He is too big for a standard car seat but he can undo the buckle of a normal car seatbelt or take his arms out. This meant that Thomas was never properly restrained in the car, which could be very hair raising, especially on the motorway!

PhysCap have very kindly funded a special needs car seat for Thomas and this was installed recently in our car. It has made a world of difference for us as a family and we can now travel around knowing that Thomas is safe in the car.

I would like to say a huge thank you to PhysCap for their help! As a family we are very grateful and we wouldn’t have been in this position without you.